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Torftech Energy

Work with us

Torftech Energy is an innovative and entrepreneurial company that operates globally through highly valued partnerships. If you would like to discuss a business opportunity please contact us.

Torftech Energy offers:

  • Enabling Technology Solutions using the TORBED® in Drying, Torrefaction, Gasification & Combustion processes.
  • The design fabrication and delivery of TORBED® systems.
  • The supply of turnkey plants, with our engineering and construction partnerships providing Engineering Procurement and Construction contracts if desired.
  • Opportunities for alliances in different process applications and markets.
Torftech Energy

Benefits of Torftech’s Technology

Torftech Energy benefits
Torftech Energy Limited (“TEL”) exclusively owns the global rights for the use of TORBED® reactors in the processing of biomass and waste to produce enhanced fuels, heat, electricity and ash or char.  The enhanced fuels are produced by drying or torrefaction.  Heat and electricity are produced by gasification or combustion in combination with either gas engines or a boiler and a turbine. Typically, projects will be in the 1-20 MWe range, fitting in with the need in many markets for a distributed base load source of renewable energy.
TORBED® is a registered Trademark of Mortimer Technology Holdings Ltd